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9 thoughts on “ Tiptoe

  1. Tiptoe definition is - the position of being balanced on the balls of the feet and toes with the heels raised —usually used with on; also: the ends of the toes. How to use tiptoe in a sentence.
  2. Define tiptoe. tiptoe synonyms, tiptoe pronunciation, tiptoe translation, English dictionary definition of tiptoe. intr.v. tip·toed, tip·toe·ing, tip·toes To walk or move quietly on one's toes. n. The tip of a toe. adj. 1. Standing or walking on one's toes.
  3. tiptoe definition: 1. on your toes with the heel of your foot lifted off the ground: 2. to walk on your toes with the. Learn more.
  4. tiptoe definition: Tiptoe means to walk quietly and carefully with your heels raised and your weight placed on the balls of your feet. (verb) When you are quietly sneaking in after curfew and you tread lightly, walking with your weight on the front of.
  5. on tiptoe(s) 1. Stepping very softly and quietly, especially using only or mostly the frontmost part of one's feet. We had to walk on tiptoes so that my parents didn't hear us leaving the house. Because the film had already begun, I entered the movie theater on tiptoe so as not to disturb anyone around me. 2. Standing on the frontmost part of one's feet.
  6. The TIPTOE wall desk is ideal for a bedroom, a living room or for small spaces. To ensure a better experience, this site uses cookies. By continuing your navigation or by clicking on I .
  7. on tiptoe With one's heels raised and one's weight on the balls of the feet, especially in order to move quietly or make oneself taller. ‘Jane stood on tiptoe to kiss him’.
  8. Nov 10,  · “Tip Toe” features French Montana, as well as uncredited vocals from Soaky Siren. The song was released on November 10, , as the third single from Derulo’s upcoming album, 2.

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